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An eclectic jam/funk band, infusing deep psychedelic grooves with improvisational techniques. The ambitiously crafted keyboard mastery, expressive saxophone and immaculate guitar shredding meld into a dynamic fusion. Their intricate funky bass and drums render addictive grooves binding band and crowd creating the “reciprocal boogie.” Live performance of their extensive original repertoire spawn multifaceted  jams and memorable moments.


"Shifty"  3/9/2018

Spire Center for the Performing Arts

"Late Cretaceous"  6/10/2018

Disc Jam - Stephentown, NY

"Reciprocal Boogie"  5/18/2018

The Sinclair - Cambridge, MA

"McFly"  3/9/2018

Spire Center for the Performing Arts

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